Welcome to my Clayton State Class Schedule and Online Schedule & Curriculum.

My name is Tim Reynolds and I am pleased to be your instructor to teach some of the basic fundamentals for graphic design and how to use some of the industry-standard tools utilized in the graphic design industry today.

I have been a professional designer for 20 years having graduated from the Art Institute of Atlanta in 1990 and having the opportunity to work  with many different clients and in many different design disciplines over the last 20 years. I have created award-winning graphics and designs for interactive software applications, motion graphics for web and tv commercials; web design, print, corporate branding, DVD and CD-ROM marketing and application development. You can see my online portfolio of work at http://www.artbytar.us.com

It is my great pleasure to be able to take some of the experience I have learned over the years and share some of that knowledge with you. This website will serve as a means to keep you up to date with what to expect from week to week in class and also a place for you to post  questions or comments about what we covered in class as well as upcoming classes.

You can reach me at 678.982.8319 if you ever need to talk with me between classes.

I look forward to meeting you and seeing what we can learn from each other in the coming weeks.

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